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is cramping and cold and hot flashes signs of pregnancy?

for the last week i have been having cramping, hot flashes, and cold flashes that seem to come out of no where. and on top of that my breast are super sore, i randomly start to feel like im going to get sick during the day, and i get tired threw out the day which i dont normally need naps but here lately i have and my lower abdomen is cramping like i am about to start my period but my period is not due untill the 7th but i have never had cramping this far before my period strats it is always comes the day that i start my period. i had sex on the 23th and 24th of july which i ovulated on the 24th.

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    that is really soon to be feeling those symptoms, but everyone is different. One of my earliest signs is that my urine changes. It is stronger smelling and a little darker in color. i also would get feverish at night pretty early on, my husband would lean over to kiss me and would say, honey you are sooo warm...and we would know we were pregnant again.

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    it must be... hormones can do unusual issues on your physique. have you ever checked to substantiate you dont truthfully have a fever? it must be ailment too yet... with a bit of luck no longer! good success!

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    Just means you're emotional and have a mental disorder. Wrong section!

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