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im confused...what is my girlfriend trying to say?

me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost 4 months now....and its been going really good...its like we're in love...and we love being together...but recently we had a fight...and she didnt talk to me for 2 whole days...and then she sent me a text saying "You didnt do anything. you're just being you. not that i dont like that but idk when you constantly tell me you love me, and call me,...see, they're not bad things, but i dont know wth is wrong with me, i just cant handle it. I dont know what else to say...i guess im just not used to the attention...".

yeah i dont know WTF that any help??

(she didnt break up....she says she'd never do that...cause she called me...but i dont know what she wants me to do )

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    I think she is being overwhelmed by your love a bit. She feels the same way still, but is having a little bit of trouble expressing all of it. Maybe this is the first time she has felt truly in love, she doesn't know how to cope. Back off a little. Still tell her you love her, but call her less. If you see her, still talk to her. Just don't bombard her.

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    There's nothing wrong with you she made that perfectly clear. If I'm understanding your text correctly, it sounds like she feels smothered. She is probably a very independent person and can easily feel smothered. I would just give her a little breathing space and let her come to you. Don't turn your back on her or anything like that, just cool it with the texts and calls. Sounds like you do it a lot and it's making her angry. Trust me on this one, if you try to smother someone, it'll push them away.

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    You're giving her too much love that it's getting annoying.

    Don't overdo it.

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