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MAC lipglass help? 10 POINTS!?

I'm looking for a sheer MAC lipglass. Or lusterglass..Doesn't matter. As long as it's not the plush. I just bought the Fullfilled plushglass and I didn't realize it was a plumper...-_- oh well. I really love how it's sheer though. So what I'm basically asking for is a recommendation on a really sheer MAC lipgloss. But I'm not crazy about the lip gelles.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!<3

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    I love MAC Luster glass in Love Nectar..... It is a pinky/nude color with some gold shimmer in it REALLY REALLY PRETTY!

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    Try Cosmetics Counter at Macy's

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    i have this lustreglass.

    it's reaslly smooth to put on and it doesn't leave your lips all sticky.

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