LG ENV TOUCH Help with pictures?

How do i transfer pictures from my computer onto my env touch. When i try to do it with rapsody or windows media player they do not show up in my pictures, even though the computer says they are there. Also copying and pasting them did not work. They are all jpeg files. I have a memory stick in the phone but no place to put the large stick in my computer.


Hey guess what, why dont you read the question because i want to send them FROM MY COMPUTER TO MY PHONE. Thanks for nothing *****

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Send from your email address. In the To spot enter in: 10digitnumber@vzwpix.com

    Enter in your 10 digit phone number in front of the @ symbol. Insert picture in email.Send them. You can also upload pictures to your Verizon pix account.Then send them to your phone that way.

    Source(s): Verizon customer
  • 1 decade ago

    Alright Do This:

    Send the pictures as a picture message to your email adress. Then Upload them there.

    Source(s): I do this all the time with my Samsung Gravity. I hate my phone
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