Air-force Advice Please!Enlist Reserve or Active?

I am considering joining the Air Force. I am a single mom 31 yrs old . My son is 8 yrs old, temporarily living with my mom for 1 yr in Texas while I go to school. I am in my first year of my masters program . I have been working as a medical assistant for 5 years now in a local hospital. The pay is great, but not enough with the economy, its hard to support my son, living paycheck to paycheck. My question is should I enlist reserve or active? Also, what medical jobs would be available for me. I have my bachelors in business health care management, and MBA in health care management. I have a ways to go before I finish at least a year. Advise needed. Thank you in advance

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    First of all, with a Masters degree, you are wasting your time enlisting. Do you really think that being a junior enlisted is going to pay more than your job at the hospital?

    There are openings for educated individuals in your field to serve as officers. Talk to a recruiter.

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    Like others have said, don't enlist. Go to OTS and earn a commision. Officers are treated better, earn more, and (generally) have more opportunities. The Air Force is always looking for health care pros in both active duty and the Reserve. I'd go for AD if I were you. The medical corps is, well medical, more than military.

    The reserve side wouldn't put that much more in the bank, but you could continue to live a civilian lifestyle and you pretty much get to pick your spot and stay there. So of the negatives include promotion potential. If it's only a Capt slot, that's as high as you go. Spaces. If say you wanted to be a Hospital Admin, but the unit you were talking to already had someone filling the job, you're probably not going to get a slot.

    Some of the negatives on AD include transfers (sometimes this is good), not being able to set down roots, and... Can't really think of anything else.

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    You're too old for Active Duty AF but still young enough to be an Officer which is better anyways. I think you should contact a recruiter and see what you can do to become an Officer. You might be able to be an Officer in a medical squadron. It 's not worth your time to be enlisted especially if you're already that educated. I think a part time postal job or UPS job would pay more than a weekend a month AF job anyway. Its hardly worth going to bmt and all that stuff to do.

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    I would recommend talking to an AF recruiter. With your degree, there may be more options available to you -like coming in as a commissioned officer.

    There are alot of medical jobs available in the Air Force.

    If you want to make the AF your full-time career - then go active.

    But if your family support network for you and your son needs to remain local then do the reserves.

    I'm sure with your background and education - they would be proud to have you.

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    First, you passed the cut-off date for Active Duty Enlistment, which is 27 years old. Your next choice would be to apply for Officer Training School to become an Officer which is a superior choice in your position. I would do that. Talk to a local Air Force recruiter and explain your situation.

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    the air force is currently not hiring. they dont need nearly as many people as other branchees. hence why they dont have ads anymore and ****. its hard enough to get in and get your job let alone switch from reserve to active.

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