Any suggestions on learning activities for a 2 1/2 yr old?

My son is 2 1/2 and my husband and I don't really spend much time teaching him stuff. So, I went to the teacher store today and bought a bunch of stuff (mostly whatever had a car on it, because he loves cars and I figured he would pay more attention to these learning things if it had a car lol). The thing is, we work most of the day and I only have like an hour each night to help him learn anything( I get home around 6, then there is dinner, then an hour to learn, then its bathtime, quick story and time for bed@ 9).....should i switch it up, ABCs one day, and numbers the next? or stay on one learning subject for one week, then another the next, then back to what he learned the week before?? help! we cant afford daycare and my in laws don't bother teaching him stuff so I dont know what to do =-(

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    You could do some gross motor activities outside like climbing things, balancing, throwing and catching, pulling things. Gross motor play is fun for children and you can talk about things to see outside. Just going to the park to feed the ducks or drawing with sidewalk chalk can be a fun learning experience. You can pick up pebbles and create designs on the ground or let your child help you make roads for the car in the sand box. This is actually an early writing skill because the child would be holding a small stick or something and drawing in the sand.

    You might get a cheap dry erase board and let the child practice drawing. It isn't really necessary to do writing strokes just yet. I think they learn that about age 3 in preschool. But the strokes are like a line, t, U, X, and spiral or wavy lines. These are lines used later to make letters, but at this age you just let them practice the strokes.

    You might also buy some safety sciccers and let your child just begin practice holding them correctly. I don't think at 2 and a half the child might be able to cut anything but you could try. This is a big deal in preschool that they can learn to cut paper. By the time they are ready for kindergarten they should be able to do that. At 2 and half, maybe just getting comfortable with holding scissors will help. Or just learning what they are and what they are for.

    You might can teach your child how to rhyme. I've seen some children getting ready for kindergarten who really don't have the concept yet.

    Social skills are very important. Children entering preschool will learn to line up, take turns, use hands for helping not hurting, use words to say how they feel.

    Any chance you get to have your child interact you can begin to teach these important skills. You can begin to teach the child to say "I am mad because" or "I am sad because" or even "I am hungry" "I am sleepy" or "I need help" Some children really don't know how to verbalize their own needs, so anything you can do to help them to will be good. Some children just cry not matter the situation. They haven't yet learned about their own feelings or how to ask for help or express themselves. They feel frustrated and cry, but don't know how to express why they are crying.

    I hope this helps!

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    you have some good solutions already. I purely had to characteristic that the Leapster handheld video games are amazing! My prominent video games (and my little ones favorites) are "letters on the loose" and "numbers on the run" they teach attractiveness, including, subtraction, letter sounds and it has slightly "pencil" and you hint and prepare writing the numbers and letters. greater good ones are Dora, Thomas the prepare, preschool, Backyardigans or perhaps Spongebob is an academic interest! each and all the video games are very relaxing for infants. My little ones have found out plenty from those video games!

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