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Is a vasectomy the only way to kill my sperm?

I want to murder my sperm so I can't reproduce.

Is this the only way?


as long as my sperm does not come out i consider it murder...but ok it does not murder it i accept that

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    That is pretty much it. It only takes 15 min. If you follow instructions it is painless.

    I had a vasectomy over 20 years ago (I was 21). I have no children. It was the best thing I ever did. Most of my high school friends pay child support, and look 10 years older than I do. Not me!

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    A vasectomy does not stop sperm production or kill sperm. It merely closes off the path to the outside world by blocking, or cutting a section out of, each vas deferens. The unreleased sperm eventually die of old age and are absorbed into the blood stream, the same as any other dead cells are disposed of in the body (antibodies are not involved in this process).

    To kill sperm you have to use a spermicide cream externally, and this is normally deposited inside a condom for added safeguarding against unwanted pregnancy.

    Any medication you could take that would kill off your sperm whilst it is inside your body would also kill you, so that is why such a thing is not available!

    You can have hormone treatment to chemically castrate you, and this closes down your sperm factory, so it doesn't kill the sperms, it stops them being "born" in the first place.

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    The doctors would have to cut you open, and tie the tubes,veins, or whatever they call it, where they make sperm. Becareful because this procress is UNDOABLE so once you do it, you cant reverse it.

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    chop off your nuts like the guy in pain olympics XD

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