i want to switch from private to public school.?

so here at this school is a bunch of kids who care too much about athletics, and are stuck up. and no diversity whatsoever.

and i cant even be myself around my own friends. i dont even call them my friends anymore.

so i want to switch to this public school. where i can start out fresh.

but my asian parents keep stereotyping that if i go there i will be bad, do drugs and get pregnant.

so, can you help me in convincing them?

i am so unhappy its not even funny.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ask them if they really think you'd start doing drugs and get pregnant at the new school. Do they really trust you if they honestly believe that?

    I go to a public school with a bad reputation, but I love it. I've never seen or heard of anyone doing drugs, and smoking is seen as a really bad thing to be doing and 'uncool', so nobody does it.

    Ask them if you can at least look around the school, and if you do, keep pointing out things that you see that aren't in your private school.

    Or you could just tell them that you're really unhappy with your school at the moment. My friend was in the same situation before she came to my school, and in the end she had to lie and tell her parents she was being bullied and they let her move. I don't suggest doing that though; they might go and talk to your headteacher about it or something.

    Tell them that in private schools, women are more likely to have earlier pregnancies when they leave because they've been hidden from reality for so long. << That is true. Tell them that you want to experience real life more, and that you don't fit in with the people at your current school.

    Instead of saying all of this to us, you need to be saying it to them.

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    Tell them how unhappy you are and try making a deal with them. Tell them they can read your diary sometimes or if you do end up doing that or anything else that they disapprove of, you'll go back right away.

    If they do end up saying yes, be very careful and not let public school life change who you are. I've met private school people and yes, I understand why you don't want to be there. I don't do drugs or anything like that even though there is a lot of my grade that does. Just tell them you really don't want to do that stuff.

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    have a serious talk with your parents about how you will make smart, safe decisions. Talk about how you dont make bad choices now, and how that wouldnt change by just going to a different school. Dont get angry and lose your temper. Tell them how unhappy you are, and how its not helping your academic attitude. :)

    Public High School is not that bad, there are some of those people, but not all of them.

    Source(s): My sister graduated as a valedictorian at a public HS, straight A's no drugs, no baby. Im going to be a sophomore in public high, no drugs, no baby, and good grades for me too :)
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    It sounds like your mom is going to show you how to adjust. perhaps once you and your mom flow there perhaps ask for a excursion so she would be ready to work out how good of a school that's. I went to non-public college all my existence, I do choose that I did attempt a public college, yet all the familiar public faculties that I stay close to have continually been on the backside portion of the country. My sister did attempt for sooner or later a public college, yet b/c of the place we live and how they rank she transfered returned. i think of in case you comprehend a great style of human beings there, it won't be a project, in basic terms comprehend that that's extremely diverse from inner maximum college.

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    well im in a public school and they dont do stuff like that. all you have to do is pick the right friends and not get into any trouble.

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    sorry 2 tell u this but ur parents are right.....i mean right now i HATE public school ppl are so judgmental and u have 2 deal with all of this drama with frands and crap its just really bad aha.

    but if u really want 2 get away from a private school just tell them that ur have in a hard time in that school that u have problems with other kids and crap.......

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    Tell them it will be easier to get straight-As and you'll qualify for a scholarship.

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    1 decade ago

    you will thank them when your older

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