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I want children in future,but my partner carries genetic problems they could inherit?

I would like to have children one day. The problem is that my partner unfortunately has a family history full of genetic problems. I am lucky, I am from a family with no history of any illnesses except asthma. My partner has Psoriaticarthritiss and most of his family are large andoverweightt. They also have some mental illnesses which are inherited in them and some cancers, heart problems, pernicious anemia etc. I know that most people have problems but if he was a dog, nobody would breed from him, just being straight. What would you do in my position?

I really do not want to have a child who will suffering in future with any of these traits.


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    For the best interests of your children and their health, you and your partner should look into in-vitro with donated sperm. Many clinics organized their samples by characteristics of the donor, so you could probably even find a donor who shares similarities (positive ones, not the negative medical ones) with your partner. And with many in-vitro patients, doctors will recommend the couple go to some counseling for it as well to relieve any paternity-related anxieties for both parents.

    If the idea of in-vitro isn't something you'd be interested in, adoption is a great option as well. There are plenty of children out there that are perfectly healthy and would be overjoyed to have a loving family, and while you don't get to experience the pregnancy, you still can have the pride that you took this orphaned child and showed them that there is still love in the world for them.

    Best of luck to you both!

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    You could consider genetic counselling to determine what risks are really there for these various disorders. Otherwise, as others have suggested, a surrogate father or adoption are possibilities. However, there is still no guarantee that you will not have a child with problems. That's just one of the chances all parents take. Your partner must have turned out okay - okay enough that you love him. So might his child.

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    My family has lots of health problems, and my parents are large and overweight, but my kids are totally fine and skinny too. Genetics is not that simple.

    Talk to a genetic counselor. Your ob/gyn doctor can recommend a good one, and it might even be covered by insurance. If not, it would be worth a couple hundred bucks to get good advice. You can find out how much health risk is heritable from the various conditions that you mention.

    So far, of the ones you mentioned, NONE of them are autosomal dominant as simple mendelian inheritance. So I am estimating that your children would have average risk of the diseases you mentioned, even with your partner. Possibly a higher risk of autoimmune disease, but even that is not super high risk of inheritance.

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    Adopting a baby would be a good choice. A baby doesn't have to be blood related to love him or her.

    If you were intent on having your own, talk with a specialist first to see what and how great the risks would be having future children.

    It is a tough decision but at least you are looking out and you are aware.

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    Sperm Donor out of the question? this is a tough one, your partner is very lucky if he has managed to dodge most of those bullets- your child may not be so lucky and since genetic engineering is still in its infancy the choice will have to be up to you...

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    My advice is not to have children at all

    Children are just more's pointless having them

    Just enjoy your life find another obsession like making your partner go to the gym....I really don't see why people would do something as horrible as have's hard enough taking care of yourself and other people you love..especially during hard times in your life.

    Children are way too overrated

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    I like your point of view. I'd consider adoption.

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