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Would this be considered morning sickness?

So I am about 9 weeks pregnant, and everyone keeps asking how many times do you get sick, and well I haven't even thrown up once yet, but sometimes when I'm standing or sitting I just get this nauseous feeling but then I'll lay down and it will go away, so is this normal, or does this count for morning sickness, and it happens at all hours of the day which I know morning sickness does, but if anyone could share when they first started to actually puke while being pregnant that would be very helpful...

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    Some pregnancies you do not actually vomit you are just nauseous all the time. My first pregnancy I was dizzy and nauseous but laying down really helped. I maybe vomited 1 time. My second pregnancy they had to put me on meds becuase I would vomit 6x a day some days.

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    Yea, it somewhat is morning ailment. i did no longer ever throw up yet i became nauseous all day and evening for approximately 2 months and could no longer consume a element different than peanut butter crackers. i could no longer even drink water. It sucked. merely shop attempting to consume once you experience greater effective. I additionally slept alot given it somewhat is the sole time I wasn't wishing i might throw up and get it over with, LOL. merely shop your chin up. in a on an identical time as you will experience greater effective and be hungry each and all of the time.

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    I never puked although I wanted to all of the time thinking I would feel better if I did. I only felt good when I was lying down too.

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