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In H.S. cooking class/home economics?

In a H.S. cooking class or home ec, do you come up with a recipe by yourself on what you have to cook or does the teacher give you an actual recipe to follow (with ingredients, time, temperature, etc...)?

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    it depends on the program available at the school

    sometimes the teacher makes the recipe in front of the class and/or goes over the recipe to explain how it is properly cooked

    usually the teacher puts you in groups and you follow the recipe and the teacher is walking around helping the students out and making sure you know what you are doing

    but cooking something yourself is usually done once in a while that the teacher marks the students as an basically one of those final term projects

    cooking class for me seemed simple and depending on your school and teacher you may do more textbook and assignments then is different for everybody

    but i can tell you one thing for sure you will love that class

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    At my school they gave us the recipe. We did breakfast with the different things, everyone had their own thing to do. I remember going and getting Kool Aid lol.

    One thing I remember that I never got was when making hot chocolate the teacher made us use marshmallows because she said it melted faster than whipped cream....didnt make sense to me.

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    Don't worry about it. Just remember that you can always server Pop Tarts and Guinness stout for a meal that can't be beat.

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