How to get over a break up when you did nothing wrong?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up a little over a month ago due to us fighting about dumb little things. We had been together for two years, both graduated college and began life in the "real world". For some reason the past couple of weeks she just seemed really stressed out. She has the pressure of finding a job, paying off $30,000 in loans, and to make it worse she had a low image of her body, which caused the physical aspect for the relationship to drop off.

I realized things weren't ideal but I was understanding to her situation and went out of my way to try and make it better. I would take her out and surprise her all the time, but her general attittude towards me was just "blah". Usually her bad mood led to us fighting over something dumb. However, one day she said the fighting proved to her that "it wasn't working" and she wanted to break up.

After the break up I was upset and had a hard time moving on. We got together about a month later and she said the break-up was mostly her fault, and that she let excuses get in the way of our relationship. This made me feel good knowing it wasn't just me.

However she's already in a new relationship with a new guy. She said hes just something totally different and fun. If you ask me its a rebound but oh well I've accepted the fact we are not together.

My question is this... if she let the stress and excuses get in the way of our serious two year relationship, how come those aren't getting in the way with her new guy so quickly after? Any females have a perspective on this?

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    An overall answer to your overal question is, you've got to see it as her loss. Because by the sounds of it, it is. You sound like a decent guy who just wants to make a girl happy but your not being appreciated. And trust me she probably will let all that get in the way. This new thing isnt as serious as she probably thinks 'fun' is probably all it is. I wont say oh she sounds like a total ***** etc because you obvioulsy new a great side to her when you were happy but you've made it clear she didnt deserve you, so beleive that x

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    The way I see it she was just stressed a lot and somehow that got inked to you and just made everything sh*tty. I wouldn't take it as something you did wrong, she was just under a lot of stress and it ruined things between you. She probably needed change and since she got it that's why things seem better between her and her new boyfriend.

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    The woman got tired of the relationship. You became so involved with her problems that you became a problem yourself. Now she's with a guy who takes her mind off of her problems--a guy who is fun to be with. An understanding man can be like an understanding woman--boring.

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    its no longer slovenia. its possibly somebody there. i hate to assert this yet he possibly has somebody/some human beings on the ingredient with reward, and you're no longer his very own precedence. "once I went to Slovenia, i chanced on that our relationship exists in basic terms interior the pauses between paintings" = once you're working/he's working, he has "somebody else" to substitute for you. "we've been conversing approximately the place to purchase our homestead, toddlers and a few relatively spectacular destiny plans" = perhaps this scared him. maximum adult men are fearful of dedication. what i recommend is supply him each and every of the time/area he desires, you dont would desire to submit together with his scientific care. relatively mentioned than carried out considering which you like him lots, yet return the desire. take a ruin from him -- somebody who treats you this way shouldnt be your precedence. heres an anon quote that i chanced on very authentic -- 'adult men in basic terms cheat whilst they're helpful their better half won't.' take some day off him, dont sulk approximately him whilst he's clearly having relaxing without you. and whilst he finally is ill of your scientific care, with a bit of luck he would be waiting to communicate ELSE get to head on. existence's crammed with surprises. reliable success.

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    maybe she just wanted something fresh and new. Doesn't mean you're a bad boyfriend at all, she just wanted to try something different.

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