My 1989 pontiac grand prix Se 2.8, will not start, how would i be able to check the alternator myself?

spark plugs are set weird... and i need to spray the cylinders with fogging oil, what would be the best way to do so? all the help is appreciated!


the battery is pretty dead but i hook it up to my sis battery, oh and its been sittin in one place for 3 years ( it was given to me) i want to make up for those three years and treat the car right!

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    When a weak battery sits for years, it just gets worse, until it won't charge anymore. Spark plugs need to be set correctly. I have never heard of "fogging oil".

    Once you get the car to run ( with a good battery), see that the voltage measured on the battery is about 14 volts. That means the alternator is working.

    I hope your fuel system isn't gummed up with varnish, which comes from old, stale gasoline. If there was gas in the car from way back 3 years ago, it is not good and should be drained out and replaced with fresh fuel. If it had MTBE additive in it, expect all kinds of fuel system problems from rotten fuel lines,and other fuel system components that are corroded and rotted.

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    To check the alternator, boost the car and get it running. Then disconnect the positive battery cable. If it stays running the alternator is good and there's a problem somewhere else.

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    I would check the battery first.

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