what should i do for back to school?

i need a cute hairstyle i can do with hair thats a little past shoulder length

some outfits that arent too expensive. (middle school) (like some from polyvore)

um... thats about it....

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    Well depending on the your style here is some ideas:

    If your the girl that loves Color/is fun/Skaterish/Wild:

    buy yourself a cute V neck Shirt in either dark colors or bright colors with a scarf to match. And Some black or wild color skinny jeans or Faded shorts. And converse or those cute skater shoes you can buy at collective and such. And wear your hair in a messy bun or go get it cut into desending layers with bangs. Go to Pac Sun or Wet Seal for them.

    If your Preppy/Cheerleader&such:

    go to American Eagle,Aeropostal,Forever 21 etc. and buy yourself a cute flowy Shirt and buy Some white shorts,and flip flops!!! And for you hair you can just curl it or straighten it.

    If your Goth/Emo:

    Buy those cute Demin Vest that are in style and layer it over one of your favorite colors and buy skinny jeans and put a huge belt along your Hips. And for your hair you can really do whatever! and i recommend Converse(: Since i don't do miuch shopping for this tuff i Suggest going to the mall?

    Source(s): I love clothes(:
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    You Should get like layers or side bangs. I have side bangs and they are really cute. Also try maybe platoes closet which is a store where people bring in used clothes that are less then a year old and all the clothes are inspected for stains, tears and other stuff. I have gotten a few things from there and they look like they are brand new. Hope this helps!

  • 1 decade ago

    For the outfits go to Platos Closet.

    They have cheap clothes from stores that have cute clothes( aero, hollister, express, a&f, pacsun, etc.)

    For the hairstyle why dont you do a low ponytail put to the side, then, if you have bangs, pull them back with some cute bobby pins.

    hope i helped.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    - messy bun

    - curly pigtails

    - straightened

    - messy ponytail

    - a pretty alice band

    - cute slides

    - curled


    Have a look at any of these sets. Most of the clothe are from topshop.com which is pretty cheap and the clothes last forever. If there isn't a topshop near you, you can order online. Hope I helped XxX

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    I'm not very sure about the hair, try getting layers?

    For the clothes, just kind of mix and match some of your clothes, maybe buy a few T's and jeans/pants/leggings Just express your self with your clothes =]

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    hairstyles: half up half down (pony tail,and pin your bangs up with a barrette) and in a salon, layers in the back, and some side-bangs.

    outfits: 1. hot pink hollister shirt, with a jean skirt (from hollister also)

    2. light blue shirt from, aeropostale, with a pair of dark blue jean shorts.

    shoes: for number 1, a pair of short boots(boots that go a little bit above your ankles) (brown or black) and for number 2, some light pink flip-flops.

    makeup: (for number 1) some, blue eyeliner,black mascara,and tan eyeshadow.(wih some light pink sparkly lipgloss) (for number 2) some mascara,(black) some, purple eyeshadow, and some lipgloss.(light pink)

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    You can get a concave haircut that is very in at the moment and pop to your local primark for nice fashionable clothes at low low prices

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ummm u can check out my polyvore for ideas:


    for hair, get it cut with side bangs and straighten it and get some highlights :D

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe for the outfit you could try something like this,


    but like not with as many accessories.

    and then for your hair, you could pull it back and clip it, or maybe try dong two low pigtails or braids.

    Source(s): i'm going into 7th grade(:
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