What do you do when your landlord engages in illegal behavior with an illegal tenant?

My next door neighbor has a woman (I believe sister) who resides in his apartment who is not on the lease. She has lived there 10 months with the knowledge of the apartment management. She has also created so much noise as to make my tenancy uncomfortable. Now this month the apartment management decides to enforce the parking rules. However just 1 week before hand the illegal tenant (the woman who resides without being on the lease) buys a new car. She also removes all of the tags off the old car and parks it in the parking lot. Then the apartment management sends out a letter for all of us to right down our parking tag number, make, model, and license plate number of our cars. The next day which is today they have a tower remove the cars without the proper info. So the illegal tenant gets her car towed (and possibly junked) free of charge. What of this injustice. A person lives rent free, disturbs the surrounding legal neighbors (including me) and gets her old car towed and junked free of charge.


She is an illegal tenant. While she may have some rights because the landlord has notice of her existence on the premise the landlord does not owe her the same duty as a person who properly signed the lease. I already did everything that I am required to do under the lease. The only remedy I have left is to move and not pay the remaining rent, but why should I have to do that. I was here well before them, I pay my rent and don't disturb anyone. Plus this would put me in a financial bind. If I follow the legal remedy what landlord do you think will rent to me? Yes there is a vin, but do you think they are going to check it to make her pay for it? I highly doubt it! If they won't kick her out on her butt what makes you think they would make her pay for that car?

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    I would contact your county court house with this question.

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    She's not an illegal tenant. If the landlord knows she's there, they're letting her be there. Not every person has to be named on a lease to be allowed to live in an apartment. Rent is per apartment, not per person.

    As for the car, it is incredibly unlikely that she got it junked for free. The car still has its VIN on it and they could find out who the registered owner is and make her pay for the towing/junking.

    If she's disturbing you, you are free to follow whatever procedures are spelled out in your lease. If the landlord does nothing, you may have some relief available, depending on the laws in your state.

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    If she bought a new car, why would she want it junked? Sounds like she's parking where she shouldn't have been and got caught.

    If she is making noise so that it disturbs you, call the cops. They can tell her to be quit or get fined. IN my city it's $1000.

    In what city is it illegal to have someone who is not on the lease living in the apartment?

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    If management knows, and allows it, she is living in the apartment, then it isnt "illegal".

    If it really bothers you about the abandoned car, you can inform them. However, they couldeasily have gotten that information from the police, as the VIN could not have been removed.

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    i think you can only call the police for her being to loud as far as her being there i dont think you can do any thing about that

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