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Calories burned daily?

How many calories does the average person burn daily?

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    Your body burns 1200 just living and doing nothing.

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    In that sense yes burning 400 would take it down to 1300. But you can also factor in your metabolism. Your body burns calories just to function. One of the most calorie burning function your body has is maintaining your body temperature(heating and cooling to stay at 98.6) Alot of people eat large sums of ice because your body will burn calories to break it down and then reheat you. Thats also why when people get sick and have a fever the lose tons of weight.(not that you should purposely get sick) I found one of the biggest helps i had when i was trying to lose wieght is the time you arent exercising or eatting. I worked in a call center 8 hours a day and simply by standing for 4 of the hours a day rather than sitting helped alot. You burn more calories standing rather than sitting, and sitting more than laying, and you even burn calories when you sleep, just not as much. There are alot of little things you can do when you think you can do nothing. Clenching your fists, doing toe lifts, things like that will burn a few more calories which can add up to alot over the course of a day/week. The biggest numbers game you can play is that 1 pound of fat is 3500 calories. So if you want to be more precise when how long it will take you to lose weight count how much calories you expect to take in, subtract how much you will burn/lose naturally (there are calculators u can use online.) for A woman that is 21, 170 lbs, and 5'5(not sure your height) you naturally burn 1846 calories if you did next to nothing all day. so start with that and subtract from there. Hope this helps

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