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What is the miley cyrus song on the wal-mart commercial?

there's a wal-mart commercial with miley cyrus on it for Max and Mara and they play a miley cyrus song on it. whats the name of the song? can you get it on iTunes? thnks! <3


what's the mp3 link??

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    The song is called "Party in the USA" and it was officially released onto radio on July 29, but on July 28 the song was leaked without the authority's permission.

    The song is under an album "The Time of Our Lives" which comes out on August 31, 2009 and will be sold exclusively at American Wal-Mart stores for promoting her new clothing line with Max Azria.

    The album "The Time of Our Lives" will include the songs "Part in the USA" and "Catch Me." More will confirmed later.

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    I just saw a commercial with that chick in it, but I'm not sure if it was a Wal-Mart commercial or not. Anyway, she has a new song out called Party in the USA. It's been leaked online everywhere (the mp3) but it's not on iTunes. The video is around somewhere. Is this the song that you heard?

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    the song is party interior the U. S. and that's from the drawing close album The Time of Our Lives this is set to be released on August 31, 2009 and could be offered completely at American Wal-Mart shops

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    The song is Party in the USA. It is her new hit single and part of her new promotional album call "The Time of our Lives". She is using it to promote her new clothing line at walmart call Max Azaria. She will also feature those songs in her new tour in fall 2009.

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    Party in the USA

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  • miley cyrus SUCKS

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