Physics-Torque question?

The drain plug on a car's engine has been tightened to a torque of 25 Newton-meters. If a 0.15 meter long wrench is used to change the oil, what is the minimum force needed to loosen the plug?

I need a detailed explanation to better understand torque. Thanks in advance.

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    I will get back with you A.S.A.P/ Cheers!

    Here you go:

    We know that torque T = r* F sin theta, whre r is the distance between the force applied and the plug. Theta is the angle between direction of force and the line joining the point of application of force and the plug.

    The torque applied = 25 N meter.

    The length of the wrench = 0.15 meter.

    The minimum force required is when you apply a force F perpendicularly about the plug .

    Torque 25 Nm = 0.15* F sin 90

    F= 25/0.15 =166.6667 N is therefore the minimum force needed to loosen the plug.

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