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Ex girl friend problem please help!?

Ok, so I've dated this girl for three months..yeah my first serious

relationship and hers as well.

Anyways, we broke up because one time she told

me she was sick and we were not in contact for almost 2

weeks and next thing I found out, her neighbor told me

she found my girl friend kissing some other guy in the mall.

So I just decided to call her but she never picked up, so I left a

voice mail telling her if you still want to be with me please reply.

She never did. So we just decided to break up because we

were not in contact with each other. So a month passed, I started

talking to her neighbor and we got a bit closer. Suddenly my ex saw me and her neighbor one day hanging out in the mall.

She took her neighbor away from me and decided to have some

"girl talk" or whatever. After that was said and done, her neighbor told

me that my ex was wondering why I'm with her. So her neighbor and I did some talking and decided to come up with a plan. We were going to trick her and say that I was still attracted to her and possibly ask her to be back together with me. But she told me I'm just another player and that the guy who she's with was actually sweet and sincere. So, does that mean she still likes me? I just don't understand why she would be concerned that I am spending so much time with her neighbor and she would say she found a guy who is "sincere" and "sweet"? Please help!

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    It's just jealousy. The fact that you have moved on, or so it seems, bothers her. It's the simple fact that you're not still hooked on her and she probably got sick to her stomach when she saw you with her neighbor. Whether she still has feelings for you or not, it never feels good to see your ex with somebody else. I'm sure there are still some feelings there but it seems as though she is content with her new boyfriend.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    chances are she still has a thing for you or she wouldnt care about you n her neighbor. shes probably using this other guy to make you jealous about her at the same time. if you're real serious about this girl there are definitely things you can do to make her your gf again. i had something similar happen to me about a year ago n i talked about it w/ my ex n we got back togehter:) something that helped me know what to say was this:…

    give it a try if you want. you can probably find other articles online but theyre usually a little more general

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    Had you ever heard of the "hate that I love you"?

    A lot of girls talk with imply meanings. She still likes you but yet she is afraid to reach out.

    Since she saw you with another girl I think wanted to make you jealous. It is like you guys are having a cold war.

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    she think u is with her neighbor to make her jealous but at the same time she is feeling a litle insecure herself .

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  • Ava
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    1 decade ago

    whether she likes you or not, it doesnt really matter. girls dont want to see their exs with other girls, they just dont. she sound very immature and honestly, I wouldnt waste my time worrying about any of it. So she thinks your a player. find a better girl who wont cheat on you.

  • 4 years ago

    He is a jerk, do not read his messages.

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