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girls?...once I get my hair done from the shop....?

it never looks like it does the next day. How do I go to sleep w/o messing up my hair. I've tried rolling it (but i dont like it making my hair look so short) , I've tried a bonnet but when i wake up one side is always flipped outward and the other side looks fine and it looks ridiculous. And I've tried wrapping it but it doesn't come out right.

Anyways, when you guys get your hair done from the shop what do you do to keep it looking nice then next morning? So it can last ill my next hair appt. I don't get perms by the way. And if you DO any of the ones i mentioned HOW do you do it?



i don't wanna add any additional heat on it.....or it'll break out.

Update 2:

hairstyle similar to in my photo.. :)

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    My hair is natural and at night i usually just put it in a loose french braid or regular braid, or i wrap it, i also put a little moisturizer mixed with a frizz serum or an oil like coconut oil and brush my hair before braiding it, this way my hair is moisturized in the morning. i like how she explains how she wraps her hair, i do the same as her but i just end up putting more pins in to hold it in place at night since my hair is really thick and not relaxed.

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    what kind of hairstyle do you have??

    dont you wash your hair before your next appt?

    you should ask your hair stylist for some tips to keep your look or how to do you hair..

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    emm if its long enough, you could put it in a really loose ponytail. that way it wont get flattened while you sleep and it wont kink if the hair bobble is loose.

    ask your hair dresser when you're in getting it done. they're an expert so they should know

    hope this helps


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    stay up all night. haha. i'm kidding.

    i have no idea..

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