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why do my farts smell like rotten eggs when i haven't been eating eggs?

can we have a deep intellectual discussion about farts? lets hear some fart talk. even get scientific about it if you want to. why do my farts smell like rotten eggs when i haven't been eating eggs?

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    It is called "sulfur." Sulfur is in all human bodies, as it is an organic element. You are smelling sulfur when you fart.

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    5 years ago

    LOL they smell pretty much the same... but I'll go with cat farts because usually it's easier to get rid of the rotten eggs...

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    Rotten Fart Smell

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    Chemical reactions between stomach acids and and intestinal fluids may produce carbon dioxide which is also a component of bacterial action.

    Bacteria also produce hydrogen and methane.

    But factors which alter farts- how much air we swallow, what we ate,how long we hold in the farts and what kinds of bacteria in our intestines!

    The more sulfur rich your diet-the more the stench!

    Did you have any cauliflowerr?Hydrogen Sulfide gas and mercaptans are produced by bacteria in your gut causing that rotten egg smell ! Enjoy!

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    It's sulfur. When I eat cabbage, cauliflower, pickles, or brussel sprouts, I clear the room all of the time.

    One lady at work gags when I fart.

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    H2S... Both rotten eggs and fart contains H2S

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    methane. change your diet a bit to include fruits, your body is not equipped to deal a/ the preservatives in the processed foods your eating. fewer fatty red meats, and way less fast food.

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    I cup my farts and smell them when nobody's around, everybody loves their own brew

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    mmmmm. taco bell. does the trick for me. then i fluff the covers for my wife.

    thats real love.

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    Because you drink too much beer.

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