where can you get Datura?

I Live Mn.....now can you get Datura or the seeds somewhere?? or do you have to know someone?? idk much sorry.....


gosh ppl i mean the one that gets u high.....gosh its my life,im young let me live it the way i want,and if u dont have positive feedback dont comment....

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    You may be committing suicide taking this---Teen On Angel Trumpet Tea Dies In Custody

    Wed May 26, 2004 6:29 PM ET

    A teen, high on angel trumpet tea, died after being arrested Monday night, police said.

    Osiel Santana, of Hialeah, reportedly made tea from the hallucinogenic plant. Police said Santana (pictured, left) became disoriented and sat in the middle of the street. When officers were called to Santana's home, they said he resisted arrest.

    Santana's family and a witness said police threw Santana to the ground and beat him. Police said that officers used force to restrain Santana but that he also injured himself by banging his head against the inside of the cruiser.

    Lee Marks, an attorney for the family, said that they want to know what happened after police picked Santana up, since "when he was put in the police car, he looked all right."

    A medical examiner concluded Wednesday that Santana had not died from blunt trauma and likely died because of the drug.


    Banning a brew

    The Times Picayune - New Orleans

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Some people who've experimented with angel's trumpet as a way to get high have learned the hard way that one of the tropical plant's other common names -- devil's weed -- is more apt.

    When ingested, angel's trumpet can cause fever, blurred vision and urine retention. Three Kenner teenagers and two Destrehan teens were hospitalized after drinking angel's trumpet concoctions. In Florida, a youth died from its effects.

    The plant's hallucinogenic properties are no less dangerous. One of the Kenner teens was poised to jump off a roof while under its influence; another tried to take a bite out of his arm. And in Germany, a young man seriously mutilated himself with garden shears while high on the substance.

    It shouldn't be legal to manufacture, use or sell such a dangerous substance, and in Kenner and New Orleans, at least, it's now a misdemeanor. The Kenner City Council adopted an ordinance last month that makes it illegal to consume or sell concoctions containing the plant. The New Orleans City Council voted last week to ban the manufacture or sale of compounds made from the plant.

    Neither ordinance bans the buying, selling or possession of the plant itself, and that's as it should be. The angel's trumpet has a legitimate use in landscaping, and it's hardly the only thing growing in people's gardens that could be dangerous if misused.

    But people who turn this flowering plant into a drug should face consequences, and not only in New Orleans and Kenner. Officials in both places say that a state law is needed, and they're right.

    This kind of dangerous trend would be better addressed by a statewide law than by piecemeal banning of the substance by local governments that may not learn about angel's trumpet until a tragedy happens in their backyard.

    A state law that bans the use, manufacture and sale of angel's trumpet concoctions could keep it out of the hands of someone's son or daughter.

    And it would ensure that those who seek to profit from this noxious brew will face appropriate punishment.


    4 Teens Critical After Eating Toxic Weed

    2 Students On Machines To Help Them Breathe

    POSTED: 12:20 p.m. EDT September 28, 2003

    LIMA, Ohio -- Four teenagers hospitalized after eating seeds from a toxic hallucinogenic weed should recover without permanent damage, a doctor said.

    The four male Shawnee High School students, ages 17 and 18, remained in critical condition Sunday at St. Rita's Medical Center, a nursing supervisor said.

    Two of them were on machines to help them breathe because they'd been sedated to prevent them from injuring themselves because of hallucinations caused by jimson weed, Dr. Eric Kirschner said.

    "Their parent are very upset. I think the kids will do OK," he said.

    They ate jimson weed seeds late Thursday night, said Shawnee Township police Chief Richard Kohli. The plant is poisonous but not illegal, he said.

    The boys were hospitalized with fast heartbeats and impaired vision after their families noticed they were confused and started vomiting, Kirschner said.

    One had eaten "dozens and dozens" of seeds, the plant's most toxic part, Kirschner said. People also smoke the plant's leaves.

    All four should stop hallucinating within 24 to 48 hours from the time they ate the seeds, he said.

    "There is no safe amount of this," Kirschner said.

    Authorities were not sure where the teens found the poisonous plant, commonly found in farm fields and along roads. The nearly 4-foot-tall plant blooms with bad-smelling, trumpet-shaped white flowers every fall. Those are followed by seed pods shaped like chestnuts.

    The hospital has never had a case of jimson weed poisoning, Kirschner said.

    In 2002, there were 1,072 poisonings, including one deat

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    Where To Find Datura

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    If you're talking about the plant you grow in your garden, check your local nursery.

    If you're talking about the variety that excessively stupid people are using to get high, I don't know and I don't care.

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    It will kill you, quite easily I might add.

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