I have an older MTD riding mower that stalls after 10 minutes cutting. I take off the hood and runs fine.?

The mower runs fine with the hood off it it. It has been in 2 repairs shops and has everything possible done and replaced. I brought it home and was still stalling after a few times around the yard. I took the hood off and it runs fine. Must be getting too hot, but I can't figure out why. Is there a heat sensor on it or something else that is malfunctioning. I have new gas, new air filter, carburator rebuilt, new pto switch, new spark plugs, new oil, new fuel filter. Please help

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    As soon as it stalls, try unscrewing the gas cap. If you hear or feel a whoosh of suction, check the cap breather hole for an obstruction. It should start up right away after relieving the vacuum if this is the problem.

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    Dead grass can accumulate in the hard to get to places around the engine. There are some metal guards around the sides of the engine.

    Get an air compressor and a blowgun - blow out the dead grass from all around the engine - take these plates off which allows you to get to the cooling fins on the engine itself.

    The engine is getting too hot. Fill it up with new gas and add an additive that will remove any water in the tank such as a product called *heat.

    I would also use a lighter oil such as 5w-30. Make sure your spindles on the deck are turning free and not seizing up after getting hot. These spindles have the deck belts attached to them - if the bearings are going out - they will get hot after running just a few minutes and put a big strain on the engine - this could be your problem along with dead grass trapped in the area around the engine itself.

    Source(s): Craftsman garden tractor owner for 25 yrs.
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    Is the hood all black and sooted near the muffler? I'll bet it is. Either the muffler shoots out under the unit, and its leaking/loose or It vents just up in the hood, but is supposed to have a deflector on it to deflect the exhaust out and away from the hood and the deflector is missing. I'm leaning toward the latter. If that's true, then if you look at your muffler there will be two empty screw-holes on your muffler. If your unit ends up re-breathing exhaust, it will over heat. If this is the case, fix it, then change your oil, as overheating will prematurely cause your oil to break down.

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    A couple of things. You can remove the engine cowling and clean the grass and oil out of the cooling fins. That will help the engine run cooler. Next time it quits check the spark. It is fairly common for an ignition module/coil to fail when it gets hot and work when it cools. As soon as it quits check the spark, if there is none it could be the module.

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