what do you think of this as a tattoo?

well it would mean something to me and well right now im too young to get one but i was thinking about this on my left shoulder. not too big but not small either


or like the design on this necklace


and if you think the first one do you think it would be weird to get both birds like how they are but have one bird on my left shoulder and one on my right?

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    I don't think it would be weird at all, but only because I've seen it so many times, I'm surprised that people still think it's an original idea. I have nothing against it, I mean if there is a reason you are getting this tattoo that is personal, then go for it.

    Swallows and Sparrows are very traditional tattoos and highly popular. I guess if you're going to get a tattoo that hundred or thousands of people have already, it's one of my personal favorites. Just make sure you think carefully about the coloring. There is a way you can make them all your own and that is to choose your colors carefully. The black, red and blue is definately the most traditional route, but don't be afraid to be daring. Try something in either pastels or shocking pink. Live dangerously.

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    I like the tattoo design, but think before you get the tattoo... it will be permanent for the rest of your life, unless you get it blemish removed, which is extremely painful. So think. Please.

    I think it would look great on your shoulder, but i don't like the colors in the first picture. Try different colors? Lastly, YES it would look very weird on both shoulders. Maybe one on you shoulder and one on your right side of your stomach to make it look like it's flying up?

    good luck and hope this advice helps!

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    No that's a fine idea. Though there are many people who have that tattoo already, and on their shoulders too, and even some on their collar bones. So even if you'd like those you could incorporate something else with them, so they're holding something or whatever. You have a while, just think it all trough think of different idea's and whatnot.

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    Now I'll reply the ones,however you ought to too! What was once your first tattoo? A center When did you get yours? thirteen. If you do not have one,do you desire one? What variety of tattoo do you desire?Stars on my shoulder. How many do you have got?a million Where do you have got one?On my left palm. :] PIERCING IS BETTER

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  • the first one definitely :D

    you should get both birds on the same shoulder though .

    otherwise, i think it's kindof lame.

    like the concept you were going for (one on each) i've seen oodles of people with. . it's kindof played out . but not UGLY or anything lol .

    just not my preference :p

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