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Teens: what type of shoes/footwear do you prefer to wear in a mall?

which type of shoes you would not wear?

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    I go for comfort : ]

    So I go for either my lovely green low top converses or my multicoloured high tops. I have too many converses to pick! x3

    I also prefer wearing no shoes at all. I went through my last holiday barefoot for 2 whole weeks. I did not see the need to wear shoes on the beach so just continued to not wear them. It's better for your feet too : D

    I would not wear heels to a mall. It's a tad over the top!

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    I like to wear flip flops wherever I go ; no matter what. Unless it's like a wedding, then I wear heels, or sports, then I wear basketball shoes or just tenners. Flip flops are my main shoe source though, but since I have flat feet I only have one expensive pair, since the cheap, or cute ones have no support. /:

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    This is kind of weird but I just like to go bare foot. It started when I had blisters and burns all over my feet so I refused to ware my shoes and then I just didn't want to ware shoes xD I've never been yelled at about it before.


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    I like to wear flip flops in the summer, uggs in the winter, sneakers in between.

    I hate Gladiator Sandals! ewwww those things are uhhgly!

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    I wear the slipon keds. they're easy to put on, cause i like to try on shoes a lot, and and they're comfy.

    not heels, or shoes with lots of lace's and shoes that take a while to put on.

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    I dontknow anything i feel comfortable in.

    I wouldnt wear Clear heels, bulky boots Or high flip flops.

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    Flip flops. Maybe converse if wasn't trying on any pants.

    I wouldn't not wear anything, except crocs because those are just ugly

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    I prefer to wear plimsoles or dollie shoes. I wore dollie shoes today to go shopping.

    I'll never wear heels bigger than two inches - been there, seen it, done it, never again.

    Hope I helped!

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