What is going on with Jon and Kate?

I luv the show Jon & Kate plus 8! But im a little behind with all the craziness. I need the update. Did Jon really cheat? Who is his new gf? Who wuz he cheating on? Did kate cheat? Did kate refuse do give her brother share in the money so they got kicked off? Do they actually shoot the show in a studio at New York? I would just like to know the truth and whats going on.

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whoever ses his gf is hailey glassmen- he dumpt her i read and know that just figured it out. And he has a kate look alike now

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    Jon cheated on Kate with a school teacher named Deanna Hummel. They parted ways after the scandal came to the media's attention. Jon moved out and is apartment shopping in New York, but there has never been any in-studio filming in New York or otherwise. All the footage is taken of their "real" lives and primarily occurs in Bucks County, PA and wherever there is an engagement or activity for Kate and/or the kids. It was also a rumor that Kate cheated. Jon admitted to starting that rumor in the wake of the rumors surrounding his own affair(s). She may be a bit overbearing but she was never unfaithful.

    Jon was dating Hailey Glassman until mid-July. She is the trashy, soulless, mindless daughter of the surgeon who did Kate's free abdominoplasty. She went to Indiana University (oh how prestigious) and is known for snorting coke, threesomes, doing drugs, and being incredibly unintelligent.

    His new love interest is no more reputable than the two preceding girlfriends.

    Jon sure knows how to pick them.


    If you read all of this online, common sense should have kicked in before you wasted 5 points and all of our time.

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    I don't know if Jon really cheated he never said if he did or didn't. His new gf is a 22 year old and she is the daughter of the doctor who did kate's tummy tuck years ago. Kate did not cheat that was a rumor. And no they do not shoot the show in a new york studio they shoot it at their house. Hope that helped :)

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    I'm a Gosselin expert!!! Jon denies cheating on Kate, but I believe he did, becuase he shrugged when he said it. His new gf is hailee glassman, who is a party-hard marijuana addict. Kate didnt cheat,ever. No, they shoot the show in their own home. For more info, visit my gosselin site: www.gosselinten.webs.com

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    I don't know if he cheated. But i do know that they split up.

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