Am I crazy or would this make you mad as well ..PLEASE give me opinions?

My Fiance's daughter (lives with him but getting ready to be married and moving out in a month) asked him to leave his house the night of her bridal shower because her friend and her friend's mom from out of town are staying in town and she wanted my fiance to give his bed up for the mom !

Im sorry, i don't know if Im having a bad day or what but I think she is TOTALLY in the wrong for having the freaking nerve to ask him to do that!

He said he told her how a bout you sleep on the couch and your friend and her mom sleep in your bed.

DAH ! Or better yet how about they get a room !! That would be my suggestion !


no I do not live there full time but about 90%. More of my clothes are there than at my own house !

The bridal shower is being held at the club house at the condo complex.I have no problem with this what so ever,Im invited actually.

His bedroom happens to be mine as well in all respect I am there EVERY weekend.

I seriously doubt that if her parents were still together she would even consider asking her mom to do this.

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    If you do not live there then you really should not get involved. It is not incredibly outrageous but it is a bit rude. Let your Fiance wear the pants and decide what he thinks is appropriate.

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    well i would be alittle upset...but u did say that it was for the night of the bridal shower...well i would not want my dad to be there the night of my bridaal shower and would ask him to find something else to do during the bridal shower....but i would not ask him to leave his house for the whole night unless the bridal shower was going to be an all night which case i ould probaably find somewhere else to have it....but in ur position....i cant really see y u r mad unless u and her have a mother duaghter u live with them?? wwell if not and u dont have a mother daughter relationship with her....then i would say that yes u can be upset but it is really between her and her father....and yes suggesting they get a room is a good suggestion...but i assume they will attend they bridal shower....which may last awhile in which case it is easier to stay at the house...escpecially if they will be halping her get ready and set up and everything...

    good luck

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    This is your fiance's house? Where he pays rent/mortgage/bills/etc? Then it would be his choice on what he wants to do in his own house. Im sure he's grown enough to say no, or whatever... and Im sure this isn't the first stupid question that his daughter has asked him in her life! LOL!

    Father-Daughter thing... giving the bride away... no more little girl... family marital/planning issues..

    Why are YOUR panties in such a wad????

    Relax and just get through it. Be supportive and you might even get a surprise or a sucker or something later! LOL!

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