Does the Navy have a GED program like what the Army has?

I know the Army has a GED program where they send you off to a classroom and make you earn your GED. I was wondering if the Navy has a similar program?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ok here you go. The Navy does not accept GED's. In fact the Army is the only branch that does and you still have to score 50 or better on the ASVAB and at this time the Army is no longer accepting GED's. You'll have to wait until the new fiscal year and that begins October 1st,2009.

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    4 years ago

    Navy Ged Program

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    Umm Honestly I dont know how the Navy work in that department but for the Air Force, if you have a GED you need like 15 college credits. Now how old are you? But honestly right now, there are so many people trying to join the military it isnt funny, right now the military can choose and deny whomever they wish. Youre trying to make yourself sound more valuable than you are because if they deny you, they have 20 more people willing to take your place who are more qualified. So if you plan on doing this, you need to get your stuff together, I mean honestly no HS diploma or a GED, really? Just know that if you can't handle the responsibility to get YOURSELF a education, why would they leave your responsible for other stuff that cost WAY more than you.

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    You watch to many movies. You must have a GED or Highschool diploma before joining any branch.

    For those who say they do your wrong. Maybe eons ago when you joined they had such a program but not anymore. This is 2009 not 1989.

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    You are speaking of the Army GED sponsor program

    In 22 years of service I have only had ONE SOLDIER make this program for enlistment . the army only allows about 10% or less of it's enlisted to have a GED and of that 10% maybe .001 are in the sponsored program . this program is normally only for those young adults that are foster kids, raised by grandparents etc etc and is not open to just anyone

    Source(s): US Army Retired (E-8)
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    no. and its the National Guard, not the Army that has GED Plus.

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    WRONG!! you do not have to have one before you join. I was in the Marines. they prefer you to have one but in special occasions you can get in without one.Talk with a or your recruiter.Listen to Andrew. Not the first guy.

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