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was my choice of foods healthy. if not please help.?

this morning i had about 10 baby carrots, 6 piece's of broccoli, and 1 apple.

for lunch i had 1 oz of pepper jack cheese, 2.6 oz of tuna (ate with crackers) with close to a tbl spoon of sweet relish and light mayo, and i also had a pack of peanut butter crackers(6).

im trying to eat more healthy meals, for the past 2 years ive just eaten fast food monday-friday because it was just more conveinent with my job but just here recently ive decide to just stop at a walmart or grocery store and grab smarter choice of foods that i can just eat in my truck (im in my truck probably 90% of the day). Any suggestions on what i could possably start buying that doesnt require cooking would be great and very helpfull.

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    Be careful with the tuna. A girl at work got mercury poisoning from albacore tuna. She found out when her hair started falling out.

    I don't see anything really unhealthy in what you listed except the mayo and peanut butter crackers. The crackers were probably loaded with sugar and/or salt.

    Fruit makes a great snack if you are looking for more snacks. I either have a banana, cherries, apples, grapes, kiwi...or whatever else is in season and I can get at the store. You will probably want to have a better variety of veggies too.

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