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Dave asked in Social ScienceSociology · 1 decade ago

Why are there some many little kids with cell phones? And how can I convince my parents to let me have one?

I see so many little kids from 5-12 with cell phones, walking around texting people where ever they go, almost every kid in my school has one, and had one since 5th grade. It annoys the hell out of me to see a little kid with a cell phone when I don't have one at my age

I'm 13, and my grandma would probably buy me one, if my father approved. He's soo stubborn. He'll shoot down anything you tell him.

How can I convince them that I can have one?

Most of my faimly members have verizon, so I could call them free of charge. I could also use it to contact friends, or use it in emergency.

I once told my grandmother that my ipod touch can text (with an app).

So when I ask her if I can get a cell phone, she shoots it down saying I can text with my ipod.

What she doesn't get, is that It can only do that in Wi-Fi. -.-

So how can I convince them to let me get one?

I realy want one with a keyboard or something, but I don't realy care what kind I get, just want one.

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    Little kids with cell phones are spoiled, that's all I have to say on that.

    If you want to convince your family, act mature about, don't beg and nag constantly. Bring up the pros, for example your family would always know where you are. Also parents love it if you bring up stuff like saying your afraid you will be at a party then someone brings alcohol and you have no way to leave. Good luck~

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    At walmart they have something called a tracphone. It is a phone that you buy a card with minutes on it and add them by phone or the internet. Or if you have it connected with a credit card, you can buy more minutes from the tracphone. The great thing about tracphone is that often times they will double your minutes after you buy a card for no reason. But its cheaper than a regular cellphone, and once the minutes are gone, you can't text anymore or call anymore so you won't go over your family's budget,which i think is your parents concern. They don't have too many types of phones, but I think that if you tell your parents about this then they might actually let you.

    And if that doesn't work, say if they buy you the phone that you will do extra housework for the minutes each week. That should help too.

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    Well, the first question you should be asking is whether or not you want one because everyone else has one, or because you actually need one. You must also factor in the cost, because it is a good bet that you will not be the one paying the charges for the phone. Perhaps you can convince your father to lend you a loaner, an old phone that no one really uses anymore. Tell him that you will have that phone for a month or two and show him how responsible you can be with it and how it will let him keep in touch with you better. Perhaps you can work out a system of picking up a few around the house chores in payment for the cost of the phone. He will appreciate the fact that it shows your responsibility and also give him some peace of mind while you're out with friends.

  • Liz
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    Many parents get cell phones for their kids as a safety precaution. If you were being followed or someone was trying to hurt you or abduct you then you could call for help. Many cell phones also have GPS so if you were abducted this would help you be found. If you really want a cell phone and feel your Dad needs some convincing you need to build a case. Start by looking up articles online about children and teens who were helped or saved by having a cell phone. Print these out and present them to your father when arguing your case for a cell phone. Here are a few examples:



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    FIRST, you NEED to have a GOOD REASON why you believe you NEED one - you cannot and will not convince them by just saying you WANT one.

    SECOND - do NOT ask for ANYTHING other than just a BASIC phone. Both of my teenage daughters have BASIC phones with unlimited texting, and they could not be happier. BUT, we DID BLOCK them from getting ANYTHING extra like fancy ring tones or games.

    We have Verizon Family plan with 1500 anytime anywhere minutes. We NEVER use even close to all those minutes because the kids use texting almost exclusively. That works out great.

    My girls are 13 and 14, and they BOTH are required to TURN THEM OFF during school hours - yes, we check up on them.

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    It is normal for you to want what others have. That doesn't mean you get it. Part of growing up and becoming mature is to stop wanting to be like everyone else, and to realize that a lot of things people do are idiotic.

    It not appropriate for kids to have cell phones and iPods. They have bad parents. Believe me, those parents can't even pay off their credit card bills, and they are not saving enough money for retirement.

    They are not teaching their kids one of the most important lessons in life: What is a need; and what is a want?

    And they are not making their kids work to earn things.

    It is a parent's job to prepare their kids to make good decisions in life and be self-sufficient.

    I know it hurts not to have what everyone else has, but you, like me, will turn out better because of it.

    Would you like to earn the money to pay for your phone and the monthly service? If you did that, you might decide it wasn't a good use of your hard-earned money. And that's the lesson everyone else should be learning, including the adults.

    You can use the regular phone when you get home. None of the conversations I'm forced to listen to in public has ever involved an emergency. It is quite rude to make others listen to your conversations.

    I think it is stupid to spend money without getting anything tangible in return. At $50 per month, cell phone service would be $600 per year. Maybe it would be better to for people to save that $600, or use it for something of substance.

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    All those kids you see with cell phones are spoiled. Little kids don't "need" phones, their parents buy them phones because they want to be their friend instead of their parent. No one "needs" a cell phone -- it's all a conspiracy by the cell phone companies. I grew up in a generation without cell phones, and I'm fine. We used to write letters or talk to each other on land-line phones. If you always "need" to be texting or talking to someone, you will never appreciate silence or being alone with your own thoughts.

    Do you just want to be like everyone else? Or would you rather be the rebel, the independent thinker who is secure in his existence without being chained to a phone 24/7?

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    Usually the main intent for cell phones with kids were so that in event of an emergency at school, the kids could call 911 or their parents. Unfortunately many kids today use phones for texting friends during school. Convince your dad that you will only use it for keeping in touch with friends and family or for emergency.

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    if u cant convince him there is 1 thing to do.... go to a cvs, family dollar, any of those cheap stores with ur own money buy a track phone and minutes for urself it may be sneaky but my sister didnt get caught till like a year after me on the other hand i got a cellphone at 12 im almost 14 now now for advertisement perposes.... verizon wireless get the lg env 3 or env touch full keyboard on each touch 3.2 megapix camra full touchscreen on front env 3 good for music get for birthday of christmas

    sorry to the asker if this kind of taunted u i just want the touch so bad right now tell me if my sneak move works for u :)

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    As a Mom, I never thought kids should have one till they could pay for it themselves, I got one for my son at 11, it makes it easier for me to give him abit more freedom, because I can find him, also he can call me if he needs me, or to get a ride. There are hardly any payphones now, so it makes my life easier by him having one. Also Boys don't usually talk on the phone as much as girls do, but I di give him unlimited text, so I wouldn't get an expensive surprise. Good Luck.

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