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Why does Y!A not record my vote?

I voted for an answer, and instead of counting my vote for that answer, it apparently counted it toward one of the ones I had given the thumb-down.

Is this how Y!A's system determines who will have the best answer?


Even more than that, when I try to rate posts, it often gives the rating to another post and leaves alone the one I was trying to rate.

Update 2:

Well, I am at level 4 and have been rating posts for quite some time, so I don't think you've hit the nail just yet.

A glitch I can believe, but not when it is consistently occurring with a certain type of posts.

Then when it automatically moves my answer down in the line when other people answer after me, and especially when it mixes up my added details and puts them before the initial question details . . .

I'd say that is a lot of glitches to account for.

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    To "rate" with thumbs up/down you have to have 250 or more points. If you are voting on unresolved questions, it does count the vote but it's not visible due to a glitch. They'll fix it eventually.

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