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How can I update my video card to improve performance with Sims 3?

I just started playing Sims 3 and I'm SO bummed about how laggy it is. I think one minute in the Sims universe is for my computer, equal to maybe two minutes in reality. It's quite annoying how poor the performance is on my computer.

How can I update my video card to improve the performance with Sims 3 on my computer? Do I just update the driver (please state how btw), or do I have to get more RAM on the card? Is there anything I can do without buying anything to improve performance with Sims 3?

Or, I CAN spend money, which leads me to another question. Which video card is BEST for Sims 3? Which video card has the most compatible amount of 'RAM'? I want to buy a video card that can make my time on Sims 3 the best I can get.

My computer's CURRENT video card is from ATI Technologies, a RADEON X300/X550/X1050.

Thanks in Advance! :D

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    You have onboard Video which is pretty bad for any game..

    You need to know what motherboard you have and find out what type of slot you have, agp or pci express 16x.

    Is this a laptop of desktop? If it is a laptop then you will be limited..

    But if it is a desktop there are tons of video cards to choose from.

    Just go to newegg and type in video card and look for yourself!

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    oky i'm from east Europe and we've a theory here (in spite of the fact that if we've money) why could i purchase some thing as quickly as I can get it unfastened(a minimum of to objective it) Sims 3 is a great .. unhappiness even they provide you tones of different products and citis interior the unique launch cd the foremost innovations of the sport iamge high quality and so on won't exchange its in basic terms sims 2 with the loading time restoration thats all so don;t purchase the sport is a fashion that we are able to assert to EA to supply up offering us crap and make a good sport i'm so unhappy because of the fact sims 3 has plenty skill yet they limi it to a sport for a newborn sport. the unique followers of sims now are in there 20s in case you decide on a aggressive sport then think of approximately it get a lite version 4 young ones and a complicated center 4 us ciao

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    Well that is a fairly old card so I would assume that you need a better vid card.

    However before you spend out on the vid card you should consider how much ram your pc has and what is the cpu, is it powerful enough to run a high powered card and for that matter is the power supply powerful enough?

    If you want a good card then the Nvidia 275 and upwards is a good bet.


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    send me your full specs to this email and i will help u figure out what might be your problem and how to fix it also go to a site called can u run it and see if your game is there and follow what it says to do they will tell u if you can run that game and what u need to upgrade to run it at max settings

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