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Ladies - would you be ok with male pleasing you nonstop when you can't give back? Men would you do this?

I went out with guy who due to health issues was unable to be sexually active, however the whole time he wanted to get me off again and again and again. I finally cracked and said I'm not a blow up doll to be touched unconditionally without being able to give back, that I wasn't enjoying his nonstop attempts all day to touch my private parts (we are both adults). This put a strain on things and then I finally left. Was I being unreasonable? He said he enjoyed getting me off but seemed to not care I didn't want to like a sex object be prodded/probed. Was I being too uptight?????

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    Sexual relationships should result in mutual satisfaction. There are many ways to achieve this, both for the man and the woman. If I were you and your ' man ' wasn't willing to explore all possible avenues, then I'm afraid I'd have to opt out of such an arrangement. You can do whatever you like, but it certainly wouldn't be for me...

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    If I aid you already know of the dozen spelling blunders you have made listed under are you going to get shielding and say i'm not your English instructor? That shielding ingredient is what your boyfriend is doing because of the fact he feels he's doing his suitable under the circumstances, whether his suitable isn't very stable and ought to additionally be as a rule rubbish numerous the time. he's unable to regulate and you gets offended and annoyed with him till your face turns blue, yet none of that is going to alter his ability to regulate. you need to make the attempt to flow with the aid of each and every thing with him that he's having an issue with doing on his own till he gets soft adequate to do it without you. And yeah, that is going to take time and is going to be one greater burden on you for awhile, even though it's going to be much less time ingesting and burdensome usual than in case you merely flow away issues as they are. a minimum of this way you ultimately get him to a area to being soft and confident so as which you've a while away. BTW you need to have long previous with the aid of all of this on the initiating with him rather of merely assuming he ought to attend to all of it. And the only reason he makes grants that he would not or can't save is that he feels compelled to take action.

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    Been there-Done that!

    It gets old after a while.

    Guys like this cannnot, do not & will not understand how a woman's emotional side is being neglected. They just see the act of orgasm as the pleasure center of their universe. Pity them & get them out of your life in the safest way possible.

    Some of these types of men tend to get ugly when you deny them their daily "fix"! That's why it's never a good thing to get involved with a man in a physical/sexual way until you have had some time to get to know them on a friendship level.

    No, I don't happen to think that you were being "uptight". You just didn't know about this side of life until it happened to you on a very personal level. Get a restraining order if you have to. It COULD get ugly if the guy has no life outside of you.

    Cut him off on ALL levels. No letter, no phone calls, no meetings, no having friends deliver messages to & from either of you. Refuse all gifts. Let him know you can't be bought or coerced into a relationship. He's a manipulator.

    Learn about tough love tactics for yourself & if he is worth having in your life, he will fall into place as your personal strength grows or he will go into a jail cell to be with others who think as he does about a woman. People are not objects & he has a lot to learn about what truly can be pleasing to a woman & you have a lot to learn about not allowing yourself to become a willing participant in relationships with men of this sort/type.

    Source(s): Personal experience. Predator/Prey Relationships
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    If you know any females like this guy, my address is 666 Desperation Ave, Anywhere USA.

    Leave a message. Have sneakers will travel reasonable distance not to exceed the boundaries of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    Hey you aren't a blow up doll. In any case he seemed like a whiny little dweeb.

    I should talk right.

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    It sounds like the bloke was getting his satisfaction on you 'getting off'

    I'm not sure in your account of whether the bloke had full sex with you or just massage kind,either way,there is no reason he couldn't achieve satisfaction.

    I think you did right,sex is a mutual thing,nowt wrong with him making an attempt,but should take no for an answer

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    I being a male who is unable get it up for health reasons, would like to please a woman only if she wanted me too. It would be something that should be discussed with each other if the relationship got than far. I don't think you were too uptight if you felt that you didn't want him fondling you that way

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    I tried to show my husband what it was like for me to roll off of him and go to sleep after I had my orgasm, without him having his orgasm. It didn't work.

    No, your not being unreasonable, he's just being insecure. If he can't see past the sexual part of the relationship, it gets old quick.

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    There are many people who for any number of reasons cannot perform sexually. But they have learned how to please their partner. However, it is certainly not non-stop. There are many more things involved in a relationship.

    As for your "guy" even if he can't be sexually active, what about holding hands, hugging, kissing, caressing. Maybe it's just me, but I have a difficult time believing your story.

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    of course, hes just trying to pleasure you . . so maybe next time this happens you can offer to return the favor and he can be your blow up doll

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    I think there has to be reciprocal orgasms for sex to work. Neither person can play just one role, even if health issues are involved.

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