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Baby girl names??? PLEASE HELP!!!?

I have chosen a few names for a baby girl. And I want to see what you think. Please give your honest opinion, and feel free to switch the middle names up if needed.

Dylan Elizabeth (maybe Lily or Lola or Leah

for short)

Hadley Leanne

Mylee Brooke

Isabelle Katherine

Madelyn Claire (Maddie Claire)

Allison Kate (Allie Kate)

Sydney Faith

Emma Irene

Maisie Gabrielle

Parker Elaina (I LOVE the name Parker for a girl.)

Gemma Fione

Lindsey Hunter

Thank you for answering my question in advance!

Kaelor Joyce

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    Dylan Elizabeth (maybe Lily or Lola or Leah

    for short)- I like the name Dylan, but It's getting over used for a girls name. Lily and Lola and Leah are kinda random to get out of Dylan, but maybe you can go with Elizabeth Dylan, common, but you can get more nicknames from it than Dylan.

    Hadley Leanne- Not very fond of Hadley or Leanne. It's not very pretty, hahaha , sorry, im raining on your hadley parade but it doesnt seem right to me.

    Mylee Brooke- Mylee seems like you wanna name your kid after Miley Cyrus. Believe me my brothers name is Billy Ray and people jump all over that with nicknames, soo even though nobody will know who Hannah Montana is in the future, maybe, people will still use it. Who knows? Maybe her daughter will go on a show, and she'll play the mom,

    Isabelle Katherine- I like Isabella Katherine wayyyy better than Isabelle Katherine. If you tell me you dont wanna name your daughter Isabella because of twilight, because you have Mylee on here. (:

    Madelyn Claire (Maddie Claire)- This name is the best one on your list, so farr. Just make sure you call her Maddie, not Maddie Claire. (:

    Allison Kate (Allie Kate): Allison Jane sounds better, and you have the option of calling her Allie, or even AJ. My name is Alyson Megan, and I think thats kinda pretty too.

    Sydney Faith- Love Sydney, Love Faith, just not together. Sydney Lynne, Sydney Marie, Sydney Kate even. (:

    Emma Irene- Emma and Irene arent on the worst names ever, but not on the best, Emma Jade, Emma Ray, Emma Jane. too

    Maisie Gabrielle- Maisie Gabriella (: maybe? It sounds incomplete. Maisie Gabriella, makes it sound really pretty, (:

    Parker Elaina (I LOVE the name Parker for a girl.)- I am also a fan of Parker for a girl, Parker Alena? or Elena? However you wanna spell it (:

    Gemma Fione- I like Gemma, but I HATE fione. I cant even capatalize it. Gemma Kate, Gemma Ray, Gemma Jean?

    Lindsey Hunter- I think, that Lindsey is a beautful name when it isnt pared with Hunter. Lindsey Marie? LIndsey Beth? Lindsea Lilly? Lindsey Elizabeth?


  • Dawn
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    Dylan Elizabeth - so cute...I like Lily for short:) 8/10

    Hadley Leanne - Hadley is cute 6/10

    Mylee Brooke - ok 5/10

    Isabelle Katherine - so pretty 8/10

    Madelyn Claire - like Madelyn,not Claire 7/10

    Allison Kate - my niece's name is Allyson and I adore the name Kate 8/10

    Sydney Faith 6/10

    Emma Irene - Emma is one of my favorite names ever!!! Don't like Irene though.I have always loved Emma Kate 8/10

    Maisie Gabrielle - 4/10 if it were Gabrielle Maisie 8/10

    Parker Elaina - I adore Parker for a girl.Elaina is ok.9/10

    Gemma Fione - 3/10

    Lindsay Hunter - how cute!! I even like Hunter Lindsay better! 9/10

    Good Luck:)

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    Dylan Elizabeth - I don't like Dylan for a girl's name, sorry.

    Hadley Leanne - Nice, but maybe a different middle name? Claire or Gabrielle?

    Mylee Brooke - Don't care for either name, sorry.

    Isabelle Katherine - Sounds very classic. Nice.

    Madelyn Claire (Maddie Claire) - Also very classic. Pretty.

    Allison Kate (Allie Kate) - I don't like Kate as a name...Allison Kathryn?

    Sydney Faith - Sounds nice together, although I don't care for Sydney.

    Emma Irene - Pretty.

    Maisie Gabrielle - I don't care for the first name much, but they flow together nicely.

    Parker Elaina (I LOVE the name Parker for a girl.) - Sorry, I don't like Parker as a girl's name..but it flows well.

    Gemma Fione - I don't like either name, sorry.

    Lindsey Hunter - Sounds like a first and last name, not first and middle. I like Lindsay, but not Hunter. Lindsay Faith or Kathryn.

    Kaelor Joyce - Don't like either name, sorry.

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    Dylan Elizabeth is cute. I prefer Leah Elizabeth though.

    Im not a fan of Hadley or Mylee but Leanne and Brooke are cute.

    The rest are really cute.

    I dont like Hunter or Maisie or Gemma Fione.

    My favorite is Allison Kate.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dylan Elizabeth - cute

    Hadley Leanne - eh not really feeling it

    Mylee Brooke - adorable!

    Isabelle Katherine - I like isabelle...

    Madelyn Claire - Love it!

    Allison Kate - i like Kate but not too crazy about allison

    Sydney Faith - dont care for it...

    Emma Irene - love emma, not irene

    Maisie Gabrielle - dont like this

    Parker Elaina - also adorable

    Gemma Fione - dont like this one

    Lindsey Hunter - love hunter (: lindsey is cute

    Kaelor Joyce - dont care for it

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    *Dylan Elizabeth. Dylan is more of a boys name i think but i love the name Elizabeth maybe you could go with Danelle or something like that

    *Hadley Leanne. dont really like the name all together

    *Maylee Brooke. Love it its very cute and different

    *Isabelle Katherine. Ive always loved the name Isabelle and Katherine goes great with it.

    *Madelyn Claire. Love both names and they sound great together

    *Allison Kate. not really fond of this name

    *Sydney Faith. I love it very cute

    *Emma Irene. OMG ive loved the name Emma since forever!! but idk about the name Irene i would go with Emma Rose

    *Maisie Gabrielle. ehh its okay

    *Parker Elaina. Parker is more common for a boy but i like it as a girls name with Elaina with it

    *Gemma Fione. I like Jemima better then Gemma and Fione is cute too

    *Lindsey Hunter. when i think of the name Lindsey i autimaticly think of Lindsey Lohan.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Dylan Mariah or Dylan Gabrielle better.

    I like Hadley Leanne

    I'm not a fan of Mylee

    I LOVE the name Isabelle

    I like Maddie Claire. That's cute

    I don't really like Allie Kate

    I LOVE Sydney Faith

    I don't really like the name Emma, but I like Irene

    I love Maisie Gabrielle

    I LOVE Parker for a girl. It's SO cute!

    I don't really like Gemma Fione

    I don't like Hunter for a girl

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like Madelyn, Sydney, Parker and Isabelle best.

    Madelyn Faith

    Sydney Brooke

    Isabelle Kate

    Parker Gabrielle.

    I'd say Parker Gabrielle or Parker Brooke :)

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    Madelyn Brooke

  • Marie
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    1 decade ago

    I love Sydney Faith and Allison Kate!

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