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I have Nutcracker malware virus and Avast! wont let me touch it?

I was doing a thorough scan, and it found this virus. I tried to move it to the chest, and it said access denied. It wont let me move/change it in any way. How do i remove it? I tried spyware doctor, but it did not even detect it in the first place

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    Get Kaspersky Virus Protectant/ wonders i had all sorts of malware adware trojan...all that the best is around 80 - 90 dollars its worth your time. It quarantines and disinfects a majority of virsus as long as you update the databases.

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    Run the scan in Safe Mode so the virus isn't active. Then it can be quarantined and deleted.

    Malwarebytes is the best at malware removal, if Avast can't run in Safe Mode.

    Download install and update it then run the full scan in Safe Mode.

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    you will could desire to do a equipment restoration, which resets your workstation. you are going to be able to additionally get Spybot: seek and wreck, advert- conscious se personel, and get domicile windows Defender. this is likewise a stable application, they are all loose. Registry Mechanic is a super application for cleansing your registry, which will make it run swifter. yet you desire a crack or kegan for that one.

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