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the old dior kiss lip gloss?

okay now there's that new version of the dior kiss lip gloss in a sleeker packaging and its more glittery and plumping. it has less product too.

i'm looking for the older version... the one in the tube. i looked at the sephora website, the christian dior website, ebay, and amazon. i found some of them but they're totally overpriced...$50 for lipgloss...i dont think so... is there a website for nice deals for products that are out of stock???

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    with a brand like dior, the longer htey have been out of stock the higher the price will be until the product goes bad :(

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    4 years ago

    nicely lip gloss is attractive cuz it makes your lips bright... so for a speedy kiss.. sure.. yet for an prolonged kiss... lips balm each and every of how.. that way its no longer messy and your lips wont get chapped.. hiya and neither will his ;)

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