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do i have a problem??????????????

i find myself randomly throughout the day rocking back and forth and for really no reason and once i start doing it i dont want to stop, my friend usually tells me i look stupid or something then i stop, i probally do that maybe 15 times a day, and also sometimes when i talk the senteces dent make sence like my words dont come out right, and when im around ppl i dont know im really shy and no one can hear me talk


also i am constantly moving my leg or fidiling with my hands, or bouncing my leg

Update 2:

please help....anwer plzzz

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    The rocking and leg thing I have the habit of doing. It is caused by stress. I make an effort to control them in public. As for the talking, I'm, loud and outspoken so that problem I don't have. But a 9 year old niece of mine has that problem. She speaks so low that she can't be understood. And she doesn't speak clearly. I think it's do to the shyness. Make an effort to speak louder and more clearly. Think of what you want to say, then say it. Don't worry about what others may say or do. Please check out these sites for tips on how to overcome shyness.

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    darling, ur problem is on how u manage ur time. U make some curricular activities like jogging, eating (xaxa), playing video games, reading some novels or some other stuffs. If u have a boyfriend bake him a cake.. "when u win somebody heart u first filled his stomach". Life out there is more exciting than u think.. I've been there!

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    Maybe u got A D D, take Ritalin

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    i would talk to your parents about it, you will most likely want to seek help, it sounds like this could be a serious problem or develop into one.

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    you should see a doctor or therapist

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    My aunt did when she was young yes you do sorry!!

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    youre problem is too many question marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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