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Any respectable hotels in central london for under £100 a night?

My 16th on the 19th of august, i would like to spend a couple of shopping days and i would like a decnet hotel that isnt trashy. I would likie a double room for this price? Obviously under a £100 a night, not for both nights... Thank you :)

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    check You can search 2 or 3 star hotels (I think anything higher will be too expensive) and have them listed starting with the cheapst price. I have stayed in many 3 star hotels in Europe (including London) and they are quite nice.

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    Question for you. Who are you staying at the hotel with? I am sure most hotel terms and conditions state the person booking the room must be over the age of 18. That person must also be present and staying with you as you are only 16. When you find a hotel which you think looks good, before booking make sure you check their terms.

    For around £100 per night you are going to have to stick to budget brands like Travelodge. Avoid this if you can. Premier Inn, for a little more, appears to have better reviews on TripAdvisor.

    It is down to you whether you are willing to pay a bit more for the sake of better service from staff and nicer rooms.

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