How can i make a mobile light with a Rocker Light Switch and a Battery Pack?

I have a Leviton rocker light switch and i want to some how wire it to a battery pack to power a light.

Is this possible?


I used a 9v and tried wiring it but all i got was the battery heating up.

Is the Off side of the switch Negative and the On Positive or does it matter?

Same with the Battery am i supposed to link Positive from the switch to positive of the battery or opposite?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All you need is an appropriate light bulb and its holder.

    1. Wire from one side of battery pack to one side of switch

    2. Wire from other side of switch to one side of bulb holder

    3. Wire from other side of bulb holder to other side of battery

    4 Switch on

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  • kite
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    3 years ago

    gentle switches are especially person-friendly to swap. Yours in all risk have been given wiped out (some piece of the plastic in all risk broke off interior). rather of calling an electrician, spend approximately $25 to get a house fix e book. I certainly have one and that's supplied in obtainable. you do not ought to do each and every thing your self, however the e book fairly helps to appreciate the easy stuff. So, once you get that e book (or maybe seem up changing gentle switches on the internet), purchase a sparkling swap, save on with all secure practices rules (quantity a million precedence!), turn off the potential from the fuse container, and alter out the swap.

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