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Palm Pre or iPhone 3Gs or Blackberry Storm?

which would you recommend and why and which has the best service also can you tell me the pro's and con's

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    Iphone for sure!!!! Take from someone who has owned all 3 of them. You will not be disappointed with the iPhone because of the ease of use, amazing speed and the seemingly limitless possibilities. The palm pre and bb storm are ok, but they still have a few bugs that need worked out and their set up and speed leave something to be desired. Good luck to you.

    Source(s): Ownership of the lot of them/personal experience!
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    great question because of the fact all 3 of those telephones are impressive. i might flow in that order which you ordered them interior the question line. iPhone 3GS conventional. The Palm Pre does look incredibly rattling marvelous although. All friends who've Blackberry Storms hate them and adjusted to AT&T to get the Iphone 3G fairly, now they are in love with the iPhone. So 'nuff reported =)

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    I would definitely go with the iPhone... But if the AT&T services are bad as the guy before me said, then I would then rather go with the Palm. The iPhone is great but you need a good carrier and you pretty much have to have the internet for it. (I'm from Romania so I don't know what AT&T offers but here Orange gave me some great service. If I would have gotten a bad deal I would have bought myself definitely a Palm or HTC probably, so it depends a bit of the offers)

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    Get the Blackberry Storm instead. I think it is a much better phone and plus it is on Verizon.Verizon has the best service.You can read pros/cons on the phone at phonescoop web site.

    Source(s): Verizon customer
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    How about Blackberry Tour. Much better than the storm. iphone is good but i dont like att service as much. sprint is out the question. BB TOUR!!!

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    There's plenty of stuff on the Internet, even YouTube: (

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