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Always Tired, why is this?

Okay I have been very tired the past few months. I have headaches but I have always since I was young been a headache sufferer. Other than that I have had no constant other symptoms. This started about 5 months ago. I have gone to the dr they did blood tests iron is normal thyroid is normal kidneys great, everything looked great! They did a basic neuro exam (you know touch your nose, walk in a straight line etc.) passed with flying colors. They decided it was anxiety and put me on Zoloft. Seems to have helped my attitude but now I think I am even more fatigued. Any ideas about what could be causing this and how to fix it? I have been too tired to even do chores and I am a very anal retentive person in that my home is always clean! Also my periods have been regular so I don't think it could be a pregnancy!


i dont think he checked hormones, good call. I am positive though that the cholesterol was good!

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    i had this same problem found out it was hormone level.. did ur Dr check ur hormone level? or cholesterol?

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