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MEN:What are YOUR opinions on this? *Guys only please*?

I haven't seen my boyfriend in awhile, and I want to impress him.

A blue turquoise top that goes to my hips, and shows some cleavage

Shorty shorts (My a** is covered, but they're still short)

Black flipflops

Silver necklace, and hoop earrings.

Is that good??

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    ghetto with the hoops so nope...

    then your shorts arent showing *** so nope...

    your cleavage should be clean of any dirt..

    and the necklace is ******* retarded

    so nope,...


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    Lose the hoops, cleavage is good : ) Maybe a short skirt instead. If you have really nice legs the short shorts are fine. {Anything which shows off your legs is fine.) I think skirts are more feminine. Of course, none of it will stay on very long I have a feeling ; )

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    1 decade ago

    damn sounds great i would like to see a chick in that kind of outfit lucky dude your bf is

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's kinda hard to judge without a pic.

    post a pic and we'll get back to you on this ;)

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