I am having trouble with fodant on my cakes!!!?

ok i am having a hard time finding an answer to this! um i just made a baby shower cake a few weeks ago and the cake was really good and the apperance was pretty good for my first time but the fondant was hard when we ate it!! it wasnt very plesant! i made the cake 2 days prior to the event so i put it in the frig for up unitl about 1 hour prior to the party! well i am throwing another event at my home that i am making a 2 teir cake for and i dont want to make the same mistake how can i avoid the fondant being hard and tasting funny? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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    Well it could have been that the fondant was old or expired because when fondant expires it has a funny taste to it. This time, you might think about timing. Timing is key. You should maybe bake the cake 2 days prior but decorate it the next day perhaps you can frost it after the cake cools the 1st day, then let the frosting sit for a day and put the fondant on :) Let me know how it all works out! I hope everything works well :D


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    Next time, don't put the cake in the fridge. It could have made the fondant cool, and then eventually harden. So, you can leave the cake out as long as it's covered. :)

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    well first of all, it is NOT recommended to put a cake covered with fondant in the fridge. that could have caused it 2 be hard.

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