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why am i feeling like this for so long?

Ok for a while now like a month and a half maybe I've started to get alot of gas, i've limited my amout of soda intake to juice water now the last weekend i got extremly nausious feeling like i was going to be sick also i'm geeting gas cramps and having a hard time passing bile. Could this be a side effect from the birth control pill i am on i've been on it for at least 8 monthes i am 18 and will be going to my Dr soon.

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    First, very good Question!

    I have read your question very carefully and I am a bit frustrated

    because of the fact I can't ask you a few probing questions that

    jumped into my mind as I was reading. However I would like to email you a few things that at the very least will offer some ensights or empower you with information that you may find helpful. If that's okay with you!


    21 Years

    M.D. F.A.C.C.

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