What are some excellent "Getting to know you questions"? I want some stuff to ask new friends & potentials?

Im interested in getting to know the real character of the people.Their intrests n stuff.( i want a list.lol.of great things to ask..stuff you should know.even stuff you should know before you date someone)Im interested in being freinds first with people.So i want questions to know them more..Please help. greatly Appreciated.Also, what are good topics for conversation.Thank u.

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  • JB
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    1 decade ago
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    I can only answer from my own experience.I don't ask questions just to be asking you do not listen to the answer because you are thinking of the next question. If I am starting the conversation I might mention my hobbies, interests, or occupation to get things rolling or something funny if I meet someone in a store, then I'll ask their opinion and keep the conversation on them because I am truly interested in what they have to say. Some people are just duds, some people might not like you and the feeling is mutual. It is like finding a fit in friendship and romance. When I was a teen cars were a big deal to the guys,so I learned all I could so I could carry on a conversation with guys. Football was a sport I truly didn't understand the rules so when I attended the games I woul have my date explain what was going on as far as the rules and I really began to enjoy the game.

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