Can I plug my cell phone cord into batteries?

I need to plug my cell phone cord into something other than a wall socket. Is there some way to run it off of batteries?

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    Yes, there are units available that have the capability to

    charge your phone, and can also plug into a computer

    in order to be re-charged, themselves. These units should

    be easy to find at your local rug pilot's carry out that sells

    cell phones and other stuff. You can also try:

    These fine folks have a very good selection of what you

    are looking for. If your phone is a...

    Sprint-Samsung, the order # is: 291-1000.

    Motorola, the order # is: 291-1005.

    Nokia, the order # is: 291-1010.

    Mini USB (Blackberry), the # is: 291-1015.

    All of these units come with 2 (two) AA lithium batteries,

    that can be easily recharged. Each of the above sells for

    $19.95. They do have a minimum order, so you might want

    to buy the Ni-MH battery charger, that comes with 4 (four)

    AA Ni-MH batteries. The order # is: 29-4130, and it costs

    $15.95. This should cover the minimum order amount. Oh,

    as I mentioned above, there is a unit, in the MCM catalog,

    but may not work for your ap. It is a USB charger, and it

    sells for $69.95. It has an LCD display for the 'fuel gauge',

    and the order number is: 29-4440. On their web site, you

    should be able to enter the order number and it will show

    you a pic, as well as a detailed description of same. You

    can also contact MCM Electronics on the Land Line at:

    1-800-543-4330, to talk to a real person that knows about

    their merchandise and can answer most of your questions.

    No, I'm not trying to sell you anything... just trying to help.

    I wish you & yours the best. Feel free to e-me.

    Source(s): >36 yrs. Electronic Experience.
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    You can get chargers that work off of wither AA batteries or their own Li-Ion pack.

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