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LG xenon.?????????????????

Ok so i got the LG XENON a week ago. and i want to put a bunch of apps on it, like gmail and stuff like that so i can get notifications that i got an email from my gmail, how do i get that app? u know how like yahoo has an app on the phone already well how do i get an app on that screen for gmail!?

also.idk i dont really like this phone cuz i cant have my gtalk on there and i cant go on yahoo answers on there. so i was thinking maybe to return this phone and get an iphone but nooooo u have to have a data plan and pay more, so i was wondering is there another phone with at&t that lets me get on yahoo answers and gmail and gtalk and put aps on my phone like that without the stupid data plan that charges a bunch of money, and that has the full qwerty keyboard.. :D thanks.


i dont want to get the iphone cuz it will cost my parents even more money, cuz like as it is they already let me have unlimited txt and internet :) and im thankful for that so i dont want to be a brat and ask them to pay even MORE cuz they were nice enuff to get it for me as it is...i had asked them for it as a birthday/christmas present, and they didnt give it as a present, they let me have it just cuz :D so im not gunna make them pay even MOREE. i just use my phone a lot and i want something that would be cool where i could put aps on it and stuff like that thats a better phone than the xenon i got.

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    Get the iPhone. Totally worth it!

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