Relationship's changed..?

Girl use to talk to me all the time about everything and anything and when she's pmsing she would still make time for me .. recently shes been acting quiet and conversations are lagging. Today when shes pmsing she told me to:

Me: How's your day?

Her: Good

Me: Did you have lunch yet?

Her: yes

Her: can you stop asking me questions

Her: All these freaking questions

Her: I dont want to answer it anymore

Her: Leave me alone

Me: k..

I totally understand shes PMSing today but whats the deal lately? It's like she transformed into a totally different women. Did i get trapped and Tricked into a relationship? Did she pretend to be nice then when she got me in transformed into this ugly evil bitach?

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    She isn't interested in you

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