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how do you do hair extensions?

how do you put in hair extensions with glue? sewing it on?

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    You part your hair like you would with clip in extensions, apply the glue along the weft (the top part of the extensions with no hair), wait 30 seconds for the glue to become slightly tacky and apply to the root of the hair. Hold down for 30 seconds and release.

    With sewing, it can be difficult without a professional or someone who knows what they're doing. Basically you have to make a cornrow (a small plait of hair from the root going across your head which can take a while) and sew in to the plait with thread and a needle.

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    both. or weaving it in...pinned in... sometimes per every few strands... it all depends on your stylist. The most expensive stylist extensions are done in individual strands, or groups of strands and are actually weaved in... very time consuming and expensive.

    there are even clip ons... it all depends on how much hair you have... if you have enough hair to hide the glue, the quickest way is glue.

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    with glue

    Part you hair, put the glue on the top of your weave, and stick near your roots.


    better for your hair. cane row your hair and sew in like with fabric but make sure its tight. sew onto cane row

    its best to get someone else to do it though for best results

    hope i helped.

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    Get clip ons

    the other ones you would have to go to Salon and get it done professionally.

    Clip on are pretty easy.

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    pull your hair really really hard

    then press ALT and F4 at the same time

    and voila, sexy hair

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    clip ons

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    You buy them, and clip them on.

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