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What were the chances before?

Ever since Manny and Ortiz's names came out as being on the steroids list there has been a lot of talk about it being a huge blow to their hall of fame chances. Now Manny I know was a no doubt hall of famer before this, but I don't think Ortiz was a hall of famer. I'm a huge David Ortiz fan and I love him for helping to bring 2 championships to Boston, but I don't think being good for 6 years is enough to get you into the hall, especially after having a bad first 5 years in the league. So do you think that without his name coming out on the list, Ortiz would have been a hall of famer?

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    No, Ortiz would probably not have been a hall of famer judging by the pace he's been on. His numbers were relatively pedestrian with the Twins, and he exploded once he arrived in Boston. However, his power numbers have declined since 2006 and overall since 2007. His peak OPS was 1.066, and this season is .740. Talk about a drop.

    With the pace he's on, he'd probably hit around 400, maybe less, maybe a bit more. It depends if his small current "resurgence" is really indicative of anything. Currently, he only has 1409 hits, 368 two baggers, and 304 HRs, 1030 RBIs, and 764 base on balls, with a .283/.377/.545 career. Pretty great career, but would be just shy of HoF worthy by the time he's done. The numbers are nearly there, but there are people who would be more deserving. Several great years is nice, but a hall of famer has numerous, consistent great years from the time he comes up to the time he retires.

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    His numbers really are not that great

    Batting average .283

    Home runs 304

    Hits 1397

    Runs batted in 1,018

    And 0 MVPS

    I think if he hits 450 plus homers he can do it, But not on the first try.

    And i don't think he has enough gas to get to 400 homers hes already old and you can see his power numbers taking a significant drop

    If i had a vote and he retired right now I would say no

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    Probably not. He has only been well known in the league for like 6 years, and he can only hit.No, you've got it backwards. Ortiz had a GOOD five years in the league and was awful this year. Good thing hes turning it around

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    1% before 0% now

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